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by Ministry Admin on June 20, 2012

The German edition of Phoenix Rising (called the Sign of the Phoenix) has made it to the bookstores. Our good friend in Austria Katharina Maimer sent us evidence that they got there. It is very exciting for all of us here at the Ministry. The German editions are published under the series title Books & Braun—apparently the German translation of Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is far too long to fit on a cover!

The cover is rather beautiful, though Miss Braun’s arms are scandalously bare!

However that was not the only news from Germany. Apparently the second book in the series, the Janus Affair is being released in December this year in German under the title Die Janus-Affäre. So we have had another cover released for that book. If you have ever imagined Wellington Thornhill Books in a top hat, your time has come!

We look forward to many new friends finding us in Germany…so please do let us know if you find any reviews in German. Wellington has hooked up an aether translator in the Archives and we are all standing by…

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