Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop: A Very Steampunk Christmas

by Eliza D Braun on December 14, 2012

Mistoletoe Madness Blog HopIt is that time of year; where folk (and particularly writers) go a little holiday crazy.

The Ministry is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop. All of the other fabulous sponsors can be found right here – so bounce on over.  Full details and how to enter are on this page.

At the bottom of this missive you will find details how to enter to win separate prizes from the Ministry. We’re dubbing it, a box of Ballantine and Morris. Hopefully you will be interested it that.

Now, onto the Christmasing!

In the Spirit of ChristmasAs for us here at the Ministry, well we are gearing up for a wonderful steampunk Christmas. We have already released Mr Tee Morris’ short story In the Spirit of Christmas, where our two agents Miss Eliza D Braun and Mr Wellington Books, encounter a spot of holiday bother. It came out this time last year as a free podcast, but has now made it in to Aether form. So once you have downloaded it to the device of your choosing, how else can you provide yourself with a steampunk Christmas?

First of all, to get yourself in the mood, you couldn’t do better than watching this the Fright Before Christmas by the Ministry friends the League of STEAM.

Then you may begin. First with the tree. These folk have created a wonderful Steampunk Christmas Tree and included some instructions on how to make some cog ornaments. This beautiful tree has taken the theme of the bowler hat which Mr Books prefers, and turned it into a marvellous tree. Also, Mr Books has taken a leaf from these creative folks, and made himself some literary themed trinkets for his home. And if you haven’t got a making bone in your body, then the wonderful folks over at Brute Force studios can provide you with a rocketshipor possibly the moon. I have even heard tell of Target doing a steampunk set with a moustache, a clock and a pipe. Very festive. And on top, maybe Santa.

Don’t neglect the rest of the room though. These instructions show how easy it is to make a nifty steampunk take on the traditional paper chain. Do them in green and red for extra seasonal appeal.

Don’t forget your friends and family far away. Miss Braun has quite an extensive family back in New Zealand and always makes sure to send them cards for the season, rather than some kind of aether greeting. Sending a steampunk themed card is bound to make them smile. You can make your own, or find something like this one.

What to put under the tree can be quite the trick, even for a steampunk. Goggles, corsets, a new raygun are all wonderful choices, but if you are looking for a perfect steampunk Christmas theme, then we have a couple of suggestions; a journal to record your thoughts just like Wellington Books. Miss Braun would say nothing says Christmas like a Tesla coil…so this snow globe containing one would be apt for her. All of which you could wrap in some charming steampunk paper. If you have the aether device called the ipad, then this beautiful application would make a wonderful gift for a devotee of Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol, steampunk style, with interactivity and lovely illustrations.

A most important part of any holiday celebration is always the food. Miss Braun loves to cook her Christmas pudding. For best effect it should be made in advance of Christmas, but even if prepared this very day, it will still be delightfully tasty. This happens to be Miss Braun’s favourite recipe. We hear that in America pudding means something different to a dense fruit cake, but rest assured nothing tastes more wonderful when covered in a small amount of brandy and set alight. Once doused, smother in a brandy sauce. There is nothing to be afraid of, and firemen should not be required..unless of course you are Miss Braun. Her puddings are somewhat more explosive.

After dinner you will want to relax with your guests…so how about a spot of steampunk music for the season? Nothing could be better than a sample of the Men Who Will Be Blamed for Nothing.

And last but by no means least, do not forget to hang some mistletoe somewhere…just in case there is an agent or two which you might want to kiss. (Miss Braun finds this particularly amusing, Mr Books does not).

But however you celebrate the holidays or wherever you are, we hope you have a happy and safe season of goodwill. And good luck winning that Kindle that is on fire…oh sorry…the Kindle fire.

On the way out, and before you shut the door, don’t forget to enter the Ministry’s own giveaway of a Box of Ballantine and Morris. Books galore and something called…swag?? Lay your eyes on what is available!

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