Steampunk and Vegas

by Ministry Admin on April 21, 2016

Our journalists have just returned from the RT Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were the captains for the steampunk track, and had quite the marvelous time.

Is that the Eiffel Tower


They also had the chance to teach at Linnea Sinclair’s Pre-Con Bootcamp. Filling eager minds with knowledge sounds like a House of Usher technique, but they assure us it was only the art of writing they were passing out.

Tee teaching

In addition they attended the Cirque de Punk, which was a celebration of all things punk: cyber, diesel and steam.

Piper J Drake, Starla Huchton, and Pip Ballantine Piper J Drake, Starla Huchton, and Pip Ballantine



Tee Morris at the Big Book Fair Tee Morris at the Big Book Fair

Then there was the Big Book Fair, where many readers chatted with them about the Ministry. They also converted a few steam curious and sold out of Phoenix Rising as a consequence.

The huge book fair The huge book fair

RT is one of the biggest romance conventions, and one of the most intense. Our poor journalists are now recovering at home, with their tiki mugs and happy memories. However, they are planning on attending next year, when it will be in Atlanta!

Tee in the window

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