The Return of Tee Morris (with Pip keeping him in check) on The Dragon Page

Our scribe, Tee Morris, has made many friends over his years of æthercasts; and one such place was The Dragon Page. It is hardly an exaggeration that this particular production was more than “just another media contact” but a relationship that would influence his writings and his life in many positive ways. Through The Dragon Page, Mr. Morris would discover æthercasts, set off in producing his own, help establish the foundation for the website, and even pen alongside Evo Terra and Chuck Tomasi the tome, Podcasting for Dummies, regarded by many as the definitive how-to book on the subject.

It has been some time since he has been on The Dragon Page, and now — thanks to our humble adventure — Mr. Morris returns to Draco Vista Studios.

This time, however, Miss Pip Ballantine is present. Just to him away from particular vices.

Have a listen, and remember that tomorrow our intrepid journalists will be apprearing at Bookworks, located on 101 West Beverley Street in beautiful downtown Staunton, Virginia, starting at 1pm. Come dressed in your steampunk best, and join them in a photo shoot immediately following the signing!

And stay close to your æthernet conductor for more Tales from the Archives, coming next week. Cheers!

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