Interview on GRD Sweekly — Episode #116: A Room with a Crew

While at RavenCon 2011 in Richmond, Virginia, our journalists Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine sat down with the kind hosts of Geek Radio Daily. The Yanks over in the former Colonies also called this show “A Show of Many Tangents” as much giggling, moments of distraction, and lewd and lascivious beaviour ensured once master of the microphones, Billy Flynn, pressed the “Capture” button. Our scribes were also joined by the multi-talented Jett Micheyl of the Phoenix Rising book trailer who gave her own perspective on shooting our kinetorama in beautiful (and slightly snowy) Staunton, Virginia.

While often silly and vibrantly out-of-control, this æthercast we at the Ministry present to you for your listening pleasure.

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