New ebook shorts

Our journalists are hard at work, and funds are somewhat limited (they have cut us back to only three kinds of tea!), so some things have slipped by, such as getting our 99 penny dreadfuls out.

So now available from all your local sellers, and also our own little store (where we get the most profit—think of the tea!!)

downbytheriverDown by the River by Tim Dodge

Agent Brandon Hill of the Ministry meets Agent Bill Wheatley of the Office of the Supernatural and the Metaphysical in Afton, New York. The House of Usher is moving a large and dangerous weapon through this small town, and it is up to the agents to track it down. However, not all the residents are quite the same as they seem.

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Old Sinner's BonesOld Sinner’s Bones by Scott Roche

Agent Edouard St. Just arrives in a rather weather soaked Clontarf Castle, and finds himself immediately surrounded by the incidents that have been plaguing the residents. When blood starts dripping from the walls, and people start disappearing, St. Just realises he has fallen into an ancient conspiracy that he might not survive. Especially with a new opponent hot on his trail!

Purchase from us directly or find it on all your favourite online retailers…


Coming next two more Tales from the Archives Collections, some character collections, and something for the holiday season.

Now to raise the issue of tea with the Director!

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