Our Journalists Break Deadpan

Gentle readers, now that you have enjoyed Night’s Plutonian Shore in its entirety, meet the writer behind this imaginative tale of deering-do as he hosts our intrepid journalists on a discussion on Phoenix Rising, steampunk, and what’s on the horizon for them both. Jack Mangan’s Deadpan is one of the longest-running podcasts, having produced content of variety and uncommon humour since the infancy of podcasting. Jack Mangan, along with being a writer extraordinaire, features music, interviews, and irreverent looks at the world stage. Our journalists are hardly strangers on the Deadpan, and evidently Mr. Mangan does find it exceedingly difficult to maintain deadpan when they are together.

Do leave Mr. Mangan a comment on his epic tale, Night’s Plutonian Shore; and have a listen as Tee and Pip enjoy a bit of fun within the æther.


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