Tales from the Archives: The Promos

With the announcement of the podcast, we present the promos for Tales from the Archives. We offer here a full version (running time — 1:42) and an edited version (running time — 1:02) for your own use and syndication pleasure. Feel free to download, share, and place in your own podcasts!

Episode 1 is currently in production, and we will endeavour to deliver this exciting adventure to you at all speed.

4 Replies to “Tales from the Archives: The Promos”

  1. Maybe I’m being dense… but I can’t find the podcast RSS feed to subscribe to. The blog RSS feed, yes, but not the podcast. Are they somehow the same?


  2. Yep, they are the same RSS feed. We’re not on itunes yet, but the RSS feed should work just fine!

  3. Just a head’s up (in fact, you can choose NOT to post this to your site, I won’t be crushed) but in iTunes, nothing earlier than 4 shows up. It looks like this is because you are using your main feed to publish both the blog AND the podcast, so your news items are taking up the share of your 50 post limit and starting to push the older short stories off the back end of the feed.

    I’m just starting your Ministry works, but I’ve always loved your stories, so I can’t wait to see what unfurls this time around. Thanks for all of your quality hard work.

  4. On the contrary, sometimes my analytical engine will hiccup. Therefore, we are reliant on our gentle (yet voracious) readers to inform us of such problems. Our sincerest thanks, Chris. We will try to remedy this issue straight away.

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