Tales from the Archives: SPECIAL ADVANCE PREVIEW

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has many forgotten stories in its Archives. Stories of madcap adventures in all corners of the Empire, dark doings in hidden places, and mysterious devices and artifacts that the everyday citizen should never become aware of for fear it would quite undo their minds.

In this episode:

Wellington Thornhill Books and Eliza D. Braun discover a case file never meant for the Archives…at least not yet. Throwing caution to the wind, the agents go against convention and share their discovery with the æthernet…

About the Performer: 

James Langton, who voiced Phoenix Rising back in 2011, is the creator of many audiobooks for a variety of publishers. Langton’s 2004 debut audiobook recording earned him the first of several ‘Earphones Awards’ for his narration of The Book of Three, the first installment of Lloyd Alexander’s Prydian Chronicles. Other titles include Here There Be Dragons from Simon & Shuster and The Afghan Campaign from Random House Audio. You can hear samples of his work and more at Eloquent Audio online.



Theme music for the Ministry composed and created by Alex White.

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