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protocol_mediumMinistry Protocol

From the Creators of the award-winning steampunk Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series comes a collection of new adventures from around the world. The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences investigates the bizarre and unusual, and protects the citizens of the Empire from forces of darkness. Every agent knows that thrusting themselves into danger is part of the job, and may demand of them the ultimate sacrifice. They call on their own inner strength, wits, intellect, and innovations of science and technology. But is it enough to face the unknown and the unexplainable? Travel to the farthest corners of Queen Victoria’s mighty empire and back again to the shores of Old Blighty, unlocking the mysteries of legend, lore, and shadowy societies. Welcome to a world of steam, secrets, machinations and madness.

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Tales from the Archives Collections

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99-Penny Dreadfuls

Volume Two

The Taniwha of Ana Cove

The Taniwha of Ana Cove
by Lewis Hoban

Doctor Josepha Blackwell’s love of strange fauna has bought her to the wilds of New Zealand to track down whatever is responsible for a rash of disappearances. Unfortunately, not only is her personal grooming in peril, but also her very life.


Lost Waters
by Kreg Steppe
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Ministry agent Daniel Pleasant receivers a message from the director along with travel orders for the United States. With the Archives in disarray, an inventory check has revealed two missing items: The Galileo Telescope and two power cells from a previous Atlantean excursion. He is partnered with OSM agent Elijah Paxton, and together the Englishman and American set off on the trail of a mysterious scientist bent on dastardly deeds in Charleston, South Carolina.

All That Glitters
All That Glitters
by Dan Rabarts

Agents Lachlan King and Barry Ferguson are called to an isolated mining town to investigate the disappearance of a young Chinese girl. They found the town all but abandoned, and as they descend into the realm of Ruaumoko, the Maori god of earthquakes they find an explosive situation that will test both agents and their equipment sorely.

Positively ShockingPositively Shocking
by Tee Morris
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Constance Magee is not a street urchin, not a thief, not a lost soul in the street of London. She is a girl surviving Her Majesty’s Empire one day at a time, nursing a sense of right and wrong, And sometimes, that sense doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with the law. After being jailed for her latest stand against injustice, Constance braced herself for a long stay in Newgate. Today, though, she is extended an unexpected opportunity from a strange fellow named Doctor Sound…

Merry Christmas, Verity Fitzroy

Merry Christmas, Verity Fitzroy
by Pip Ballantine
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It’s Christmas Eve, and Verity Fitzroy finds herself distracted from her duties with the Ministry Seven. When she endangers her fellow urchins, she begins to question her role in their life.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call
by Shaun Farrell
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Cordelia is called to a strange theatre by a message from her estranged father, and she hopes for a joyful reunion. Her father though has been treading on dangerous ground while trying to impress the Director the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Still Cordelia cannot possibly know the strange and terrifying details of what lies within this particular play house.

In the Spirt of Christmas

In the Spirit of Christmas
by Tee Morris

It’s Christmas Eve, and Wellington and Eliza investigate an incredible haunting in the heart of London. What looks to be a job well done in the end quickly becomes a lump of coal in their stockings when their client takes some offense…

The Cross of Columba
by Doc Coleman
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April, 1883. Agent Bryan Teague travels from the London offices to a remote area of Scotland on the call of Lord Pennyfarthing, a self-proclaimed scientist and specialist in ancient and rare fauna. Agent Teague arrives to find his skepticism of Pennyfarthing’s previous follies on finding a traumatised valet and a dying English lord with an incredible fish story…


A Trick of Strong Imagination
by Alyson Grauer
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Althea Galway, a gifted statistician for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, follows her tedious pursuits for Doctor Sound to a Winter carnival and a strange mystery at its heart. With a dashing illusionist and the memories of her own secretive past with the Traveling Galloway Circus clouding her judgment, she dares to reach beyond her station and discover what is behind the tricks of a trade she knew better than any active field agent.

The Wrong Camera
by Catherine Ford
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Blythe is very excited to receive a camera for her birthday, but finds that gifts can have their price. What she sees through the lens offers a chilling insight into the future that people will kill for and draws the attention of a New Zealand field agent from the Ministry.

The Emperor’s Fist
by J R Murdock
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Spring 1889.
Agent Reginald Coffey and Special Liaison Meiying Ling are deep within the jungles of China, setting technology against the oldest of dark Chinese magic. The two are set on a rendezvous with the most sinister of sorcerers and a plot to plunge the world into darkness.


Women of the Empire
by J R Blackwell
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Wellington Thornhill Books and Doctor Josepha Raven Blackwell share ‘an encounter’ after-hours at the Ministry, all part of Dr. Blackwell’s research into hysteria. Brief as the encounter, one of them will not come out quite the same from it.

A Swan in Siam
by PJ Schnyder
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Fall, 1863. Phailin is not your typical personal guard to the King of Siam. This royal protector of secrets finds herself intrigued by a guest of the British Ambassador’s, the enigmatic John M. Alvey of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, and his quest for a swan possessing mythical powers…


Sins of the Father
by Tee Morris
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Arthur Books welcomes home his son, Wellington, from the jungles and deserts of Africa. In his own manner, the invalid father bestows upon his heir all the pride and respect due to actions in the field. The returning war hero, though, has returned more than a decorated soldier in Her Majesty’s Army; and Arthur collects on an investment spanning across decades.


Volume One

The Precarious Child
by Pip Ballantine
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The street urchins that will one day be called the Ministry Seven, have a task from Agent Harrison Thorne. It seems simple enough, however their leader Miss Verity Fitzroy  discovers that a surprise from her past is tangled up with this mysterious man which leads to a very precarious situation.
The Seven
by P C Haring
Agent Brandon Hill is on assignment in South America, enjoying the local culture and women, when a mystery that could lead to El Dorado falls into his lap. Before the intrepid agent knows it, he is the jungle uncovering a plot but the devilish Illuminati. He will need all his monkey knife fighting skills to survive this one.

Dust on the Davenport
by O.M. Grey

Winner of the Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award for Best Short Story
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Agent Simon R. Boswell, still considered the green agent of the Ministry, takes on his own a supposed haunting in Islington. Hauntings tend to be nothing too serious for agents specializing in the unexplained; but for Simon, this case supplies surprises of all kinds, around every corner…


The Evil that Befell Sampson
by Philippa Ballantine
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Eliza D Braun is a young field agent in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences (South Pacific Branch) when she is asked by New Zealand’s preeminent suffragist to investigate some strange goings within the organisation. She cannot possibly imagination that this little case will alter her entire life and thrust her into a world barely prepared for her.


The Astonishing Amulet of Amernatas
by Nathan Lowell
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Agent Heathcliff Durham finds himself crisscrossing Africa, looking for an Amulet that could spell disaster for any who come near it. Battling blistering heat, starvation, wild animals, and despair, he is not comforted by the company of a rough and ready sort named Morrison. Soon Durham begins to suspect he may never return home—and to top it all off the tea has almost run out.
A Ruby in Rain
by Grant Stone
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From the farthest edge of the Empire, New Zealand agents Lachlan King and Barry Ferguson are called to interview a recent arrival to Auckland’s prisons. An infamous gambler, according to the constable’s account, has turned himself into their custody, not for the safety of society but for his own. The Ministry steps in to uncover a man’s story of impressive luck, and more incredible vision.
Darkest before the Darkwater
by Tee Morris
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A group of survivors from the airship Guy Fawkes find themselves washed ashore on an uncharted island. In their search for survival they uncover one mystery after another.
The Shadows of Calcutta
by Phil Rossi
Agent Robert Smith, on return from a mission in Nepal, is diverted to India where he is charged to find a missing agent. Alex Tanner had been investigating a series of thefts and murders holding the Ministry’s attention, and now it falls on Agent Smith to find his missing comrade.

Night’s Plutonian Shore
by Jack Mangan
In 1849 when a poet is murdered in the streets of Baltimore. The man behind the seemingly random murder manages to elude the law until — in 1889 — Agents Bruce Campbell and Brandon Hill track him down. The assassin, Mikael Scharnusser, gives the slip to the agents on revealing his “talent” and the madman’s intentions to bring down the House of Usher.
From Paris, with Regret
by Starla Huchton
On assignment in the City of Light, Ministry agents Eliza D. Braun and Harrison Thorne chase down a murderer condemning descendants of a royal bloodline to a horrific death.
Hanuman’s Gift
by Helen E H Madden
Deep in the Archives, Augustus Whitby toils through his duties in the Archives, dreaming up romantic stories far more plausible than the supposed “investigations” of the field agents. A story from Agent Harrison Thorne and an unassuming artifact from his recent case, however, proves much to Whitby’s chagrin that there are some truths that are far stranger than fiction.
The Sun Never Sets
by Val Griswold-Ford
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Agent Isaac Martin receives a note, imploring him to investigate the nearly completed clock tower at the Palace at Westminster. He and his partner, Agent Andrew Kensington, start looking into the construction and uncover unanswered questions concerning this new landmark’s creators.




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