Æther Feature — Olivia M. Grey on Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author

Every Thursday, the Archives will feature artists, musicians, and makers of all variety, entered for your approval here in the Archives. With so many talented individuals to choose from, we know it is a challenge to feature every clever creative worthy of note, but perhaps Continue Reading

Tales from the Archives: Volume 2 — The Promo

It dawned on us at the Ministry we were so excited in getting out to the world these exciting stories of adventure, mystery, and derring-do, that we forgot to produce a promo for the second season of the award-nominated Tales from the Archives.

Submitted Continue Reading

What Is Steampunk? — A Definitive Answer from the Ministry

Agents of the Ministry, as you may have discerned from the chatter within the æther, there has been spirited discussion bandying about on what exactly constitutes steampunk. We have our own definition, of course, but even that has been brought into question. Perhaps it is Continue Reading

The Return of Tee Morris (with Pip keeping him in check) on The Dragon Page

Our scribe, Tee Morris, has made many friends over his years of æthercasts; and one such place was The Dragon Page. It is hardly an exaggeration that this particular production was more than “just another media contact” but a relationship that would influence his writings Continue Reading

Our Sincerest Thanks!

As Miss Braun has said here, we are most excited about the pending release of our memoirs. (I say, the counter to the right seems to be moving faster and faster, day by day.) As we wait, with the release of our kinetoscope and the Continue Reading

Steampunk Book Trailer — The Official “Phoenix Rising” Teaser

Gentle readers and true believers in the fantastic and unknown, we at the Ministry have completed the official book trailer for Phoenix Rising, the first volume in The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series from Harper Voyager. These are dark days indeed in Victoria’s England. Londoners Continue Reading

Tales from the Archives: The Promos

With the announcement of the podcast, we present the promos for Tales from the Archives. We offer here a full version (running time — 1:42) and an edited version (running time — 1:02) for your own use and syndication pleasure. Feel free to download, share, Continue Reading