Tales from the Archives Volume IV — Five

Tales from the Archives - Volume Four

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has many forgotten stories in its Archives. Stories of madcap adventures in all corners of the Empire, dark doings in hidden places, and mysterious devices and artifacts that the everyday citizen should never become aware of for fear it would quite undo their minds.

In this episode:

Old Sinner’s Bones — written by Scott Roche

Agent Edouard St. Just arrives in a rather weather soaked Clontarf Castle, and finds himself immediately surrounded by the incidents that have been plaguing the residents. When blood starts dripping from the walls, and people start disappearing, St. Just realises he has fallen into an ancient conspiracy that he might not survive. Especially with a new opponent hot on his trail!

About the Author:

Some creatures feed on blood and revel in the screams of their prey. Scott Roche craves only caffeine and the clacking of keys. He pays his bills doing the grunt work no one else wants to take, bringing dead electronics back to life and working arcane wonders with software. His true passion is hammering out words that become anything from tales that terrify to futuristic worlds of wonder. All that and turning three children into a private mercenary army make for a life filled with adventure.
He can be found at ScottRoche.com

About the Voice Actor:

J.G Langejans hails from the snowy foot of the Canadian Rockies, he survives there, with his wife and growing family. When he’s not furiously tapping away at the keys, he’s either recording voice overs or producing podcasts. At his day job, Jay’s an estimator and safety officer, for a Mechanical company specializing in high rise towers in the down town core of Calgary Alberta. He makes his podcasting home over at Skinner Co.

Theme music for the Ministry composed and created by Alex White.

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