A Jolly Bundle for the Holidays

We here at the Ministry love a good deal. We buy our tea in bulk, and head to the shops on Boxing Day for the sales.

Our journalists also love a good deal, and apparently being part of one.

Last week they were part of the release Gears & Goggles: a Steampunk Collection. Their collection Magical Mechanications is among the wonderful offerings.

Travel diagonally in time to worlds of steampunk adventure, where the airships fly straight and true and the best cars are powered by steam. Where mad science has run amok and strange creatures haunt the foggy streets. Intrigue, mystery, gadgets, and corsets—find everything you love in a great steampunk story in this bundle of seven novels and novellas. 

Gears and GogglesAnd how much would you pay for such a thing? Well apparently, not very much. Far less than one of those fancy coffees we here are popular with the younger set.

Yes, a mere 99c American! Not even one of their shiny dollars.

But hurry now because this deal is for a limited time.



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