Our Journalists Appear on the Esteemed Adventures in SciFi Publishing

We are so very pleased that Shaun Farrell, the host of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, took time out of his most hurried of schedules (between hosting his award-nominated podcast, traveling across the North Americas, and adjusting to a new addition to his family) to sit down with our intrepid journalists for a chat over tea.

And it was quite fortunate that Mr. Farrell’s auralstenographer was a bit dodgy at WorldCon in Reno, Nevada (pictured here, just before the Hugo Awards) as our journalists were able to supply him with a copy of Phoenix Rising. Now with steampunk first and foremost in his mind, Adventures in SciFi Publishing touched on the genre along with openly and candidly talking on tips and tricks in comedy, the Ministry’s genesis, our journalists’ voyage from podcasting to small press to that island of big 6 publishing, using 99-Penny Dreadfuls to promote their delightful yarn, The Shared Desk Podcast, and how sheep in New Zealand just don’t read like they used to.



Mr. Farrell also touches on a fascinating parallel between the outlook of the publishing world in light of the 99-Penny Dreadfuls success, and the wild optimism of the æthernet in 2005 when social media began to evolve. It is a most fascinating discussion.


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