̠ther Feature РOutlawed Faith

We love to see other creatives diving into steampunk, and we love it when they are ambitious.

Steampunk has a lot of fashion, literature and music. What it really hasn’t had is much in the way of the moving picture. Costs are high, but there are stories to tell.

So today we bring to your attention, The Forge Studio’s ambitious project Outlawed Faith. Wild West steampunk in space. Check out their concept short.


The rewards available for backers include posters, the soundtrack and the chance to be an extra in the production. Plenty to be excited about.

In 2014 the Tor Forge had a very successful Kickstarter for their project, the Rangers. We here at the Ministry would certainly like to see what they can do with the steampunk genre.

Go check out their Kickstarter page and back some independent filmaking in our genre.

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