Æther Feature – Steampunk in New Zealand, Part the First

Our journalists spent two weeks last month back in New Zealand, and the steampunk they found there was wonderful. So the next few Æther Features will be spotlighting the steampunk scene in New Zealand.

Our journalists were, along with Gail Carriger, Guests of Honour at Reconnaissance: The 36th New Zealand National SFF&H Convention.

Lake RotoruaThis was held in Rotorua, the town in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand, known for its thermal activity. There, much as they do in Bath, England, people come to soak in the hot mineral pools. However, unlike Bath, Rotorua has also plenty of therapeutic mud, and geysers to add to the spectacle.

Tee, Pip, and Gail had a lovely signing at Atlantis Books, with reading, signings, and a lovely turn out. Pip seemed to enjoy the smell of the older books. Perhaps a little too much.



More panels, and Guest of Honour speeches followed. They may have also ventured to Hell…Pizza that is.

Around the convention there were some fine examples of steampunk, which were delightful.

Finally the event was rounded off with a steampunk gathering at the Tearooms in the Government Gardens. This historic area was the perfect location for a steampunk gathering.

If you are interested in finding out more about New Zealand’s steampunk scene in the North Island then there are quite a few.

Next, our intrepid journalists head to the South Island, and the steampunk capital of the world.


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