An All-Around Amazing Week for the Ministry!

Yes, yes, yes — we at the Ministry do apologise for the silence. We know that many of you are anxious to hear more Tales from the Archives, and rest assured, we are working to bring more lost stories from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Currently, our intrepid journalists are planning for their trip out west to Revovation: The 69th World Science Fiction Convention; but time will be set aside for the next installment. in the meantime, we have some lovely news to share from the past week, one matter concerning the very podcast you are anxiously awaiting to hear from.

ITEM: At the quaint little gathering called Dragon*Con is the event podcasters worldwide recognise as The Parsec Awards. Amongst the 2011 Finalists is the Ministry’s own Nathan Lowell. His short story “The Astonishing Amulet of Amenartas” has been short listed for the Best Short Story category. We wish Nathan all the best, and are pleased as punch that The Ministry is represented this year.

ITEM: Read by master thespian James Langton, Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel is now available on Mister Langton does a ripping good job telling our story, and we do hope that you leave us a review of the audiobook. It helps to give our little adventure a bit of attention, and tells Harper Audio how much these aural presentations are appreciated.

ITEM: Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel has been nominated for Steamcon’s 2011 Airship Awards. At Steamcon, held every year in the lovely port city of Seattle, Washington, the event hosts the Airship Awards, an honour exclusive to this steampunk event. This year, the third holding of this event, patrons of steampunk have nominated our modest romp for “Best Written Work” for the year. For any of our readers attending Steamcon III, please cast your vote for us between now and September 30th. We are thrilled to be in the running, and we thank you, the gentle reader and patron, and Steamcon III for this honour.

It has been quite an amazing seven days, and we hope this close to our summer of steampunk is merely the beginning of new and exciting adventures. We have appearances on the books, edits for our next adventure coming soon, and more installments of Tales from the Archives in the works. We at the Ministry look forward to bringing you more stories of the fantastic.

Again, thank you for continuing to voice your opinions, critiques, and praise for Phoenix Rising. Until next time, we will keep the kettle warm.

5 Replies to “An All-Around Amazing Week for the Ministry!”

  1. Thank You!!! I have been wanting to read the book ever since it’s release but being a blindy I couldn’t find an accessable versionx Now I’ll finally be able to enjoy the story, once my audible credits for the month come in. I’m excited!!!!!

  2. So glad we can help, though it was the fine folks at HarperVoyager that made this happen. Their faith in the Ministry has been most gratifying. Making our tales more accessible to people all over the world has been a real joy to us too! I hope you enjoy your time with us here in the Ministry! Huzzah!

  3. I wasn’t going to vote in the Steamcon Airship Awards until I saw here that you were nominated. You now have both my vote and my husband’s (don’t tell him and he’ll never notice.) I bought Phoenix Rising in paperback 2 days ago. I loved it so much I, 1) couldn’t put it down 2) bought a second copy for my e-reader 3) am holding my breath until the next book is available.

    Any chances of a Wellington set of short stories on Kindle? What are archive stories without stories about the Archivist?

    I seriously love Wellington Books (and Eliza is the first female lead that I haven’t wanted to see killed-off in a very long time.) Well done! More please? soon?

  4. We at the Ministry thank you so very, very much for you time and attention to Phoenix Rising. We will cross our fingers and hope for the best with our Airship Awards running.

    It is most curious that you should ask about the Ministry declassifying previous cases for public consumption on their Kindle devices as we are doing just that. Currently on the Kindle Store, Miss Braun and I have released three Tales from the Archives, one of which has never seen the light of day until this weekend. There will be a blogpost coming that will explain more of what we have planned, but expect more Ministry shorts for both æ-readers (Nook and iPad versions available soon!) and æthercasts!

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