An explaination of Llamas and Lamas

Agent Brandon Hill’s autobiography has been a bestseller in London for weeks, but now the Ministry brings you exclusive extracts of the story. We hope these snippets shed light on the enigmatic and eccentric Agent Hill

I was asked shortly after the release of the 2nd edition of My Time Among the Llamas why the title had not been My Time Among the Lamas.
While it is true that I spent several formative years living with those wise Tibetan priests, the title is actually a references to the years following my departure from Tibet.  Honestly, it is also an attempt as some small measure of humor.  It was on or around my 19th year that I left Tibet in search further of adventure.  I soon found myself in the Peruvian highlands chasing the mysteries of the Nazca lines.  It was here that I spent several months living in a llama wool yurt of my own construction.  Possibly this was the first such structure seen on the South American continent.  My time there left me with a soft spot for those great wooly creatures and those lovely round tents.

From My Time Among the Llamas 3rd edition by Agent Brandon Hill.


If you want to hear more of Agent Hill’s exploits then please listen to The Seven and Night’s Plutionian Shore (where he adventures with Agent Campbell)

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