An explanation of monkey knife fighting…

Agent Brandon Hill’s autobiography has been a bestseller in London for weeks, but now the Ministry brings you exclusive extracts of the story. We hope these snippets shed light on the enigmatic and eccentric Agent Hill.

It was pain and guilt that led me into self isolation at 16.  My parents had just died in the great fire.  While officials had traced the cause of the fire to a coal bin explosion, our home burnt with a particular ferocity that can honestly only be attributed to my chemical experimentation of the previous few months.  As any curious boy might be, I’d become fascinated with the arts of distillation.  My attic workshop was filled with gallons of a dozen flammable liquids or more.

The weight of this guilt drove my wandering, ultimately leading me to the Tibetan highlands where I sought comfort with a secluded sect of Buddhist monks.  It was these monks that taught me their style of fighting.  We translate it loosely to “monkey knife”.  In their tongue” however the term has much greater depth of meaning.

From My Time Among the Llamas by Agent Brandon Hill

If you want to hear more of Agent Hill’s exploits then please listen to The Seven and Night’s Plutionian Shore (where he adventures with Agent Campbell)

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