An Unexpected Victory

The Parsecs celebrate the best in speculative fiction podcasting each year, and are presented at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. Last year our journalists attended the Parsec Awards, and Tales from the Archives won two wonderful trophies for best short story (large cast) and best short story (small cast). They have pride of place on our shelf here at the Ministry,

This year, our journalists were unable to attend DragonCon, even though the second volume of Tales was a finalist in Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast. This category has some strong competitors, and so our journalists were just happy to be in such wonderful company.

So they went to dinner on Sunday night.

Then they came home to the news from Kregg Steppe, that they had in fact won their category! It was lucky Kregge was there to accept on our journalists’ behalf. Kregg of course, was one of the contributors to the second season of Tales from the Archives.

It was quite a wonderful surprise, and we’re happy to have another prize for the shelf. Of course, this makes the expectations on season three rather large!

Here is a list of the other fine winners on the night. Once again the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the podcast world was on display, and we at the Ministry are delighted to be in such august company.

We haven’t received the trophy yet, but here are the delightful Julie and Allie Press holding onto it for us!

Julie and Allie Press with the Ministry Parsec


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