Another Review as Anticipation Builds

With less than fifty days remaining in the launch of our first adventure, Phoenix Rising, the excitement is reaching a fever-pitch here at the Ministry. Tales from the Archives readies itself for its launch and pre-launch reviews of the novel are coming in. From Germany, Marcus Rauchfuß (also known under the moniker, The Traveler) presents on The Daily Steampunk his own thoughts:

After the first pages I was under the impression of heading into a hilarious and almost slapsticky Steampunk adventure. Eliza Brown and Wellington Books were simply too much of a missmatch and their initial “conversations” too comical. I had several good laughs.

Gradually, the lightheartedness leaves the novel, though. Keeping pace with the developments, the comical nature of their relationship fades more and more into the background. The pair gets to know each other better, and while still not fully understanding the other, they develop a grudging respect for their respective partner.

The story itself very soon becomes fast-paced and action packed. There are quite a few instances, in particular the excellent, almost swashbuckling duel scene in the London Opera, when I felt like having to hold onto my armchair. Still, humor never leaves the pages. Within the very same duel there is one notable simultaneous question between the duelists:

“Who is your seamstress?”

That one had me chuckling for hours afterwards.

The review as well as his impressions of my partner from the Colonies was quite spot on. But, sir, I am compelled to add that Miss Braun is not only a vamp, she can be quite crass. Particularly after a few pints.

With many thanks to The Traveler for his time invested in our tale, we continue the countdown to our premiere. Cheers and salutations.

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