Author Spotlight: K T Bryski

As we prepare for the launching this year of the final season of Tales from the Archives, we thought it might be a grand idea to highlight the authors who have helped us along the way. These are writers who have created wonderful characters and adventures for the Ministry, and we highly recommend you check out their other work. This week, we bring you our most frequent collaborator at the Ministry, K T Bryski.

K T at work K T is Canadian. You may have noticed that. Like our journalist Pip Ballantine, she seems to enjoy bringing stories of Canada, its quirks and its myths to us—and we do not object in the least.

Our journalists first met K T at DragonCon in 2012, and despite the madcap atmosphere, they soon became fast friends with her. In K T spent a whole month interning with them both, where she helped organize the Ministry (hence a certain intern named Kathryn that turns up in the archives)

The first story K T wrote for us was Under Oak Island. Inspired by strange occurrences on an island in Nova Scotia, it brought Agent Brandon Hill into contact with a character that would be recurring in the Ministry world. Agent Anouk Tremblay quickly became a favorite of ours.

She followed it up with Beneath Northumberland which she co-wrote with P C Haring and which also featured Anouk. Then by herself she wrote To Hide in Plain Sight.

If that wasn’t enough K T is also the developmental editor on the fifth Ministry novel, The Ghost Rebellion.

Not only do our journalists admired K T, but apparently they also enjoy spending time with her. Both Tee and Pip attend Smoky Mountain Writers Retreat in Tennessee with K T.

Outside the Ministry, K T has produced two novels, Hapax (which she also podcast) and Heartstealer, numerous short stories, and even an opera, East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon.

When not writing, K T works at Black Creek Pioneer Village, where she help people understand history, beer, and the history of beer.

You can find out more about K T on her website

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