Tales from the Archives (and friends) Chosen for Honours


The Archives just received word from the Director that The Steampunk Chronicle has announced their 2012 Readers Choice Awards. This is your opportunity to vote for outstanding talent in the steampunk community and we are pleased as punch to be featured alongside such talented friends as:

…and there are so many more artisans — Veronique Chevalier, Abney Park, Professor Elemental — who are in the running for a variety of categories. Between the present day at which you are reading this communique and April 5th, you can vote for your favorite steampunk artists…

…unless, of course, if you are reading this on April 5th. If that is the case, do keep us in your hearts.

You can finds the Ministry nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Podcast: Tales from the Archives
  • Best Short Story: “Dust on the Davenport” by O. M. Grey (Episode #2 of TftA)

Please register and sign in (a completely free process) to show your support for the Ministry.

We are so pleased to be featured with such wonderful people and thank The Steampunk Chronicle for bestowing upon us the honours. Grant us your vote between now and April 5th, and we will endeavour to bring you more news on this.

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