Christmas with Sophia


Our authors had a lot of fun writing this story for Christmas…perhaps too much fun…

But it is now available on all ebook platforms or you can buy directly from us.

After all…who wouldn’t want to go home for a very del Morte Christmas? Just remember Nona does not like knives at the table—for good reason.

A Christmas to Die For

by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.

Even an assassin must go home for Christmas.

Sophia del Morte, skilled spy-for-hire, now faces the most formidable of opponents: family. It is the closing of the year, after all; and the lethal Italian beauty returns to her home village for wine, food, and memories.

As this is the del Morte family, Sophia tries to brace herself for awkward talk at the dinner table, and perhaps a touch of intrigue.

Then look forward to Season Four of Tales from the Archives starting next month!

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