Disasterpiece Theatre Returns… Unfortunately.

We thought those ragamuffins from the æthercast at Disasterpiece Theatre were done with the Ministry in their original pitch to our journalists

We were so very, very wrong.


Hosts Alex White and Stephen Granade once again draw their sights on The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, casting Jason Statham to play myself and Megan Fox as Eliza! Additional casting includes Kate Beckinsdale as Sophia Del Morte. (Well, all right,I could see that….) and Tom Cruise as Dr. Sound.The plot of Phoenix Rising is apparently tabled for “later pitching” and….and…

Bugger all, you should just listen.

And again, we are so very, very sorry….

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  1. Why thank you! Book two, the Janus Affair is out now, and book three, The Diamond Conspiracy should be out in December.

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