Everyone loves something for free.

And we are not talking about those raggamuffins from the Ministry Seven. We are talking genuine free books from the Ministry.

Goodreads.com is one of the aethernets most popular places for readers to discuss books. It is also a popular place for readers to win free books.

The lovely folks over at Harper Voyager have started a Goodreads giveaway, where members can win one of 50 copies. (Unfortunately this is only for folk in the United States) Entering is a simple one click, and before you know it, you could be reading more about the doings at the Ministry.

So make haste over to the Goodreads giveaway page. You have until August 6th to enter so good luck!

4 Replies to “Everyone loves something for free.”

  1. i’m lucky to have the book already since this giveaway is only for US ^^;; . I absolutely love your books
    i wanted to ask do you think there is hope for the anthology of the ministry to be available in print in a near futur? (i’m already really happy they exist in pdf on smashword but i will have to wait to get them and a print book would be so wonderful ( and more easy for me to buy^^;;)

  2. Unfortunately, you forgot to mention that this offer is only for US people (at least according to the Goodreads giveaway page)! 🙁

    A Reader from the Antipodes [AU]

  3. Oh my goodness! So very sorry about that, but it was left off the memo. I’ve put the restriction on there so people know.
    As for the anthology, well…I can neither confirm nor deny that…there may be missives on that subject sometime in the near future…

  4. i will keep hoping for the anthology then ^^ and perhaps find a way to get the pdf while waiting ( english not being my native language without the text i’m sometimes a bit lost with the podcats but i love them)

    thank you for answering

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