Æther Feature — Lantern City: A Project of Infinite Promise

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This week’s Æther Feature for September 6, 2012, submitted for your pleasure:

“If you could see someone you loved just one more time, how far would you go?”

As many of you know, Dragon*Con was just last week, and our journalists did not leave disappointed in this preview of what was to come from the creative minds of Matthew James Daley, Trevor Crafts, and Bruce Boxleitner.

Executive Producers and Co-Creators Trevor Crafts and Bruce Boxleitner

Writer Matthew James Daley 

Creative Consultant Thomas Willeford

Recruiting the imagination and creative talents of Brute Force Studios’ Thomas Willeford, these four gentlemen sat down with devoted steampunks and curious fans of speculative fiction, and introduced us to a world of darkness, of fantastic technology, and of hope.

From the website, this is Lantern City:

Lantern City is the southern-most city in Hetra, a world parallel to Earth, and is bordered on the south by the Silver Sea and has the largest river in Hetra, the Faudnice River, running through its heart. The city was always known for its commerce, agriculture, innovation, and trade; because of its isolated geography it never developed a real military power. Lantern City was difficult to travel to by land and it had the ability to control who came in and out of its ports.

Eventually, a band of warlords from the outlands of Hetra conquered the surrounding areas leaving Lantern City as their final target. The onslaught of refugees from the other cities gave the citizens of Lantern City ample warning to protect themselves, However almost no one in Lantern City had minds for military strategy or any real combat experience. This was the perfect opportunity for soldier and entrepreneur Isaac Foster Grey to rise to power and “save” the city from the invaders. To secure the city after the battles for Lantern City’s existence, Grey had a wall built around the city and enacted isolationist policies.

Over one hundred years later, the citizens of Lantern City know little about the rest of Hetra.

From the glimpses of production art, the various characters wandering through the audience, and the enthusiasm of the panelists, Lantern City promises to be many things, but what impressed our journalists were the panelists’ pledge to the community that they wanted “to do this right.” The producers could have easily sent out their requests to Hollywood designers and return to them with “an idea” of the steampunk look, but Daley, Crafts, and Boxleitner repeatedly voiced their desire to bring the community into the project and make them part of this promising television series.

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Do give their ætherpage within the Book of Face a “Like” and follow them on Twitter. In doing so, you have been granted permission to descend into the mysteries of Lantern City. We at the Ministry are quite excited about the potential of what Mr. Boxleitner and his Rogues’ Gallery are wanting to bring to life.

Perhaps with the support and word from you, noble patrons of the Ministry, this city of dark dreams can emerge from the gaslight into reality.

UPDATE: Now live — a video of the Lantern City event at Dragon*Con, courtesy of the Steampunk Chronicle



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