Final week of the Kickstarter and Award News

And so it draws to a close. At 9.30PM EST Sunday, November 15th the door closes on the Kickstarter campaign to fund books five and six of the Ministry.

We have fully funded The Ghost Rebellion as well as Operation: Endgame. We have locked in both new covers, and we have launched some fabulous and exclusive add-ons. Hardcovers of both books will only be available for backers, as will the Ministry tee-shirts and the Brute Force Ministry keychains.

So if you want any of those exclusives, and/or you want to pre-order digital, print or audiobooks of the next two books you only have until Sunday night to do so.

If we reach $20,000 our journalists have one final stretch goal to complete. They will be writing that scintillating novelette Countless Hues of Crimson. At that goal, all backers over the $5 pledge will get two ebook editions. One will be the regular version, while the second will be the Kickstarter exclusive agent-only decoded version. Yes, all backers will be able to read the secret codes to instruct Ministry agents in times of true danger.

At this writing, we have less than $2,000 to go, so support the Ministry if you can, and if you have already let your friends and family know.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign now while it is still alive!

In other news

The Diamond Conspiracy nominatedThe fourth Ministry book, The Diamond Conspiracy has been nominated for Best Steampunk of 2015 by RT Reviewer’s Choice Award.

This is the same award that Dawn’s Early Light won this year—so we are not sure if we can do it again, but the field is strong, and it is just an honour to be nominated.

So again, it is in the lap of the gods!

Thank you for support this year, and we look forward to bringing you more steampunk well into 2017!

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