Our Journalists Appear on Geekually Yoked

Our journalists continue their journey to blogs and podcasts far and wide in anticipation for NEXT WEEK’S release of our latest adventure, Dawn’s Early Light. Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine sit down with Rachel and Leeman of Geekually Yoked, billed as the World’s Best Married Christian Geek Podcast. (Quite a moniker, I say!) Hailing from the Canadian provinces, Rachel is an Anglican Priest who loves Farscape and baking. Leeman is an actor who dresses up as HP Lovecraft for strangers. Both are “Fannibals” and admirers of Joss Whedon.

Their dog, Bilbo, eats shoes.

Come join our journalists and the hosts of Geekually Yoked as they talk about steampunk, True Detective, and priests who pack heat on Sundays!


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