Submitted for Steam Tuesday: Steampunk in Goodreads’ 2011 Choice Awards

Phoenix Rising, available in bookstores everywhere!Faithful readers, an update from the Ministry’s wireless!

As you have been notified from our intrepid journalists on their Twitter, Facebook, and podcast ætherfeeds, Goodreads — a jolly nice salon where purveyours of fine literature gather to discuss what is recent off the printing press and which favourite classics they are returning to — is holding their annual Choice Awards. The first round was comprised of selections from the salon itself, based on average reviews and title activity. The second round included nominations from the Goodreads community. Both were voted on by its members, living up to their name of the “Choice” awards.

The Goodreads community have spoken, and here is (by author, in alphabetical order) their Top Ten Best Science Fiction of 2011:

  • Ann Aguirre, Aftermath
  • Ilona Andrews, Silver Shark
  • Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris, Phoenix Rising
  • Earnest Cline, Ready Player One
  • James S.A. Corey, Leviathan Wakes
  • Hillary Jordan, When She Woke
  • Stephen King, 11/22/63
  • China Miéville, Embassytown
  • Rob Thurman, Basilisk
  • Daniel H. Wilson, Robopocalypse

The 2011 Goodreads Finalists for Best Science Fiction

Miss Braun and I are quite pleased that Phoenix Rising has earned such a distinction amidst such wonderful company, but imagine our surprise when — on checking the other categories of Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, and Horror — we discovered our introductory adventure is the only steampunk title remaining in the running for this year’s Choice Awards.

Do not mistake, gentle readers, our ambition for ingratitude. Our intrepid journalists are thrilled to be in the final round. As we had stated earlier, that was our intention. However, gracious and humbled as we are by your support, the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is determined to keep Phoenix Rising in the running. We cannot do so without you. Therefore, between November 21 and November 30, visit Goodreads and make your voice heard! Could you take the last remaining steampunk title for 2011 to the title of Best Science Fiction of 2011? Cast a vote and let’s find out.

Peculiar things, after all, is our speciality here.

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