Happy Birthday, David Warner!

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences wishes David Warner the happiest of birthdays!


This fine British actor is multi-faceted, to say the least. From crime dramas such as Midsommer Murders and Wallander, to science fiction classics like Tron, Time Bandits, Doctor Who, and various Star Trek properties, to astounding voiceover work including Batman’s Ra’s Al Gohl and Winnie the Pooh, but the distinguished actor is also quite the icon of steampunk. His repertoire includes The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Doctor Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, and the recent Showtime sensation, Penny Dreadful.

For our journalist, Tee Morris, David Warner hold a special place with his performance as Dr. John Leslie Stevenson (and *spoiler* Jack the Ripper) in what has become a steampunk classic, Time After Time. The film marks the directorial debut of Nicholas Meyer (who went on to direct Star Trek II and VI), and tells the story of H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) who actually builds a time machine. However, when Dr. Stevenson’s actual identity is revealed, the time machine spirits Stevenson into the future. H.G. Wells must now hunt down Jack the Ripper in San Francisco before he can kill again.

Happy birthday, Mr. Warner, and thank you for the inspirations you have provided us all over the decades!

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday, David Warner!”

  1. I got to see David Warner speak at last year’s Dragon*Con. It turned out he was even more awesome than I’d imagined. He was very open, very animated and very considerate. A stellar gentleman all around!

  2. Yes, it was rather crushing for our journalist, Tee Morris. He had just announced that he would be unable to attend Dragon*Con that year, and in that week both Mr. Warner and McDowell agreed to attend a Time After Time reunion. Broke his heart, Doctor Q did…

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