Hardcover Janus

Another piece of lovely news…

The Science Fiction Book club has already produced a hardcover (in fact the only hardcover) version of Phoenix Rising, and now we have received a communique that they will be doing the same for the Janus Affair.

At a charity event in FenCon the Phoenix Rising hardback raised $250 so we know people do want these editions. We think the beautiful cover art of the Janus Affair is going to look even more smashing on a hardcover.

2 Replies to “Hardcover Janus”

  1. the royal WE do prefer the hardcover over the electronic versions, better to read my lamplight

  2. I do not want to join a book club. I don’t have ‘book club’ in my current budget. I have so many books.

    But… But… Hardcover Books and Braun… I can never have too many books… Or Books (and Braun.)

    Damn. Guess I’ll be signing up for a book club once Janus is released.

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