Help Japan, buy a button

As someone from an earthquake prone country (Christchurch just suffered its own disaster) I feel somewhat lost being so far away from all this pain and misery.

Now is the time for communities to pull together and show how much they care.

Beyond Victoriana, one of our favourite blogs, in conjunction with Button Me Up, are selling some beautiful Japanese themed buttons, and 100% of the proceeds are going to help the folks of Japan out.

It seems even more serendipitous that this fundraiser is part of the Rising Phoenix Circle.

Buy as many as you like, and wear them to your next big steampunk event. You can buy them at events like Steampunk Worlds Fair and Nova Albion- but why wait for that?

Everyone wants to be fashionable, and now you can do that AND be doing something positive to help people that really need it.

Go buy some now.


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