Licensed to Thrill— Agent 005 Dan Rabarts

As the countdown begins…

Dan RabartsThe Ministry Protocol bring you stories from all over the globe, by some of the finest voices in steampunk, science fiction, fantasy and romance.

Files on the participating agents have now been declassified and we can finally reveal them in this series.

Dan is a writer of fantasy novels and speculative fiction, sometime narrator of podcasts (including stories for the Hugo award-winning StarShipSofa), occasional sailor of sailing things, and father of two wee miracles in a little house on a hill, under the southern sun of New Zealand.

He is a Sir Julius award finalist this year for his story Paint By Numbers, and appears in the upcoming When the Hero Comes Home 2 from Dragon Moon Press.

You can find Dan on his website and on Twitter

In the Ministry Protocol, Dan continues the adventures of Agent King and Ferguson in New Zealand, and delves into the mythology of the Maori people. What they find there may, however, be their undoing…

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