Licensed to Thrill— Agent 007 Alex White

May 15th is very near…the clock is ticking

alex_whiteThe Ministry Protocol bring you stories from all over the globe, by some of the finest voices in steampunk, science fiction, fantasy and romance.

Files on the participating agents have now been declassified and we can finally reveal them in this series.

Alex White lives in the woodland city of Huntsville, Alabama, where he writes pulp fiction and performs it with his wife, Renée.  They have a son who is part dinosaur, a blind dog and a cat that acts like Zsa Zsa Gabor.

He is best known for his podcast The Gearheart, The Gearheart: Artifice, The Gearheart: The Maiden Flight of the Avenger, and being the epitome of a renaissance man. He not only writes fiction, and music, but he also produces beautiful scores to go along with his podcasts. Alex is in fact the composer of the Ministry theme music, How Peculiar. In addition, to writing for the anthology, he will be producing the cover art for both it and the RPG. When the Ministry is done with Alex, he probably will need a nap.

In the Ministry Protocol, Alex takes us to Russia and into the clutches of Baba Yaga herself!

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