Ministry review

It’s always very pleasant when people enjoy what you do. Personally, very few people have up until now learned about what we do here in the Ministry. So Wellington and I are a little on tender hooks to see how tales of our derry doing are received.

Today, we got our first report in from the Real Tegan

The book starts on a high action note, and doesn’t really slow down all that much throughout. There are places with a more sedate pace, but those are generally setting up more action or important plot points. The setting is a Victorian England with plenty of fun steam-powered gadgets, nicely but not off-puttingly described, to keep the reader entertained. Besides the main pair of agents, we also get some nicely fleshed out side characters, which always makes for a better read. The Ministry itself has endless plot potential, with the Archives being a focal point for artifacts and mysteries. And the book conveys a strong sense of both history, of the world and our characters, and future, as there are unresolved plot points clearly pointing to a sequel or sequels. At the same time, the main story within the book is self-contained and complete.
I’d recommend this to fans of action, anyone into Steampunk as a genre, and readers looking for a strong female character.

It’s a marvellous way to start, and now I can take Welly a spot of tea and he can have a rest.

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