New Tale: Blessings of Baalsheim

blessings_baalsheminSomething new from the Archives, a new story from Mr Reed. Once again available on all platforms, but buying direct gives the Ministry the best return (and keeps us in tea!)

Blessings of Baalsheim

by Nobilis Reed

In the Spring of 1869 Mrs Isabel Burton begins a correspondence with the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Director, Woodruff Spring, on a strange device she has run across in her travels. Ministry agents are dispatched and a soon enough the Burtons, both Isabel and her husband Sir Richard, are deep in a very peculiar occurrence and dashing through the wilderness to prevent untold horror occurring.

Tales from the Archives are short stories set in the world of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. They explore events mentioned in the novels, characters seen and unseen, and may include novel teasers of things to come.


$0.99 (includes both .mobi and .epub formats)Buy Now

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