A note of thanks from the Archives…

This morning, Miss Braun and I present a short note of appreciation to you, the dedicated bibliophiles, who not only invested the time in our modest adventure across Her Majesty’s realm but also spared the additional moment to share your thoughts on various platforms.

The following is just a sampling of the most recent comments we have received…

From the iBook Store (now on iTunes)…

“Steampunk done right. This book has so many things going right for it!” —Pemcorgi69

From the iTunes Store (on “Tales from the Archives”)…

“Buy the book. You’ll love it!” —Syree

From Amazon.com

“I trusted Pip and Tee, and they did not let me down. So go full steam ahead and read on.” —cummins2u

From Goodreads.com

“I’m enjoying this latest wave of Steampunk lit, and this is a great addition to the fold.” —Felicia Day

And book critics from around the world are also lending their thoughts…

From Kindle-aholic

“I grew up watching Wild Wild West, The Avengers, and Sherlock Holmes re-runs, and this book felt like coming home.”

From The True Brit Blog

“An exciting, funny, and highly enjoyable novel that will last long in the memory. A romp with some pomp, we Brits love that.”

From Tahlia Newland, author and book blogger…

“This is probably the most clearly drawn Steampunk world I have come across so far. The ending came to a satisfying conclusion with just enough left over to give you an idea of where the story might be going next. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this series.”

From My Ethereality

“So very many fun scenes… the dialogue is snappy and really brings out the characters and their attitudes. Delightful… and delicious!”

From bookersatz

“Phoenix Rising is a great addition to the Steampunk genre.”

Along with our intrepid journalists, we at the Ministry understand there are many books out there to choose from; and it thrills us that out of the multitude of titles available, you have chosen ours. We also appreciate your words of kindness and criticism, for it is your reviews, your blog entries, and your accolades that keep our book in people’s minds. Word-of-mouth recommendations remain the best recommendation of all.

On behalf of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, thank you, everyone, for making Oscar Wilde proud, and talking about us.

3 Replies to “A note of thanks from the Archives…”

  1. Oh lovely, our ætherblog is live. Now let’s see what artwork Miss Braun deemed appropriate for this note of admiration and gratit—

    M I S S B R A U N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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