An Ode to Agent Braun (Well, I regard it as such…)

With the assignment of Miss Braun and charged in training her the Archival Sciences, I find myself adjusting my normal schedule here at the Ministry. Quite often, that adjustment means I find myself awaiting the arrival of Miss Braun. In the Archives. If fortunate, before 11 o’clock tea.

Therefore, whist I wait, I must entertain myself with distractions from the Archives’ analytical engine. There’s Mozart. There’s Beethoven. And, of course, Rimsky-Korsakov. However, in light of Miss Braun’s recent Phoenix Society bruhaha, I have been broadening my tastes into music more…carousing.

And in expanding my horizons, with regards to the prolific Lou Anders, I offer you this charming tune from John Anealio.

I do hope Miss Braun does not catch me listening to this music hall ditty because it does make my toe tap; and I must admit, the song does bring my Antipodean partner to mind upon hearing it. If it does the same for you, the talented Mr. Anealio is offering it for a download to your own analytical engine.

Enjoy this lovely composition, with kindest regards from the Archives.

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