Friday Frivolity: Wherein Our Journalists Get Geeky on Technorama

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Continuing their journey across the global ætherweb, our fearless journalists join the fine chaps at Technorama, a Parsec-winning and long-running æthercast of the highest quality and caliber. Sadly, Chuck Tomasi was not present for the interview; but this did not mean Tales from the Archives‘ own Kreg Steppe could not handle the Herculean task of keeping our journalists in order…

The blind leading the blind a bit, if you ask me.

With plenty of laughs, Mister Steppe sit down with our journalists to talk about the recent release of Weather Child, the upcoming release of Dawn’s Early Light, and the current roller-coaster ride that is Kickstarter and a certain dwarf detective’s race for publication. It’s all here in this episode of Technorama!


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