Our Sincerest Thanks!

As Miss Braun has said here, we are most excited about the pending release of our memoirs. (I say, the counter to the right seems to be moving faster and faster, day by day.) As we wait, with the release of our kinetoscope and the launch of our æthercast, the excitement seems to be mounting.

Also mounting is the appreciation you, associates and allies of the Ministry, are showing. Just yesterday, Miss Braun and I found on our analytical engines this lovely bit of news:

Yes, under “New and Noteworthy” our humble podcast Tales from the Archives tops the ranks of “New and Noteworthy.” This, coming on the heels of when we visited on the ætherwebs SpecFicMedia to find ourselves in quite the Rogues’ Gallery:

It is a delight to find one’s self in the company of skilled artisans and storytellers, but to find ourselves sharing company with Game of Thrones and Green Lantern? Even our eccentric superior, Doctor Basil Sound, was impressed. And if you were unaware of this site, SpecFicMedia is an up-and-coming hub of ætherweb media, covering the various offerings of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Do give them a moment of your time as they did (and continue to do so) for the Ministry.

From the reviews of both Phoenix Rising and Tales from the Archives to the numerous æthertweets coming through our Twitter engine, we are deeply touched by the support you all are showing. We wanted to share the news with you all, gentle readers and listeners, and ask that you continue to spread the word. Leave a review on iTunes, share a link on Twitter or Facebook, and do let others know of what is in store on April 26, 2011.

Cheers, and many kind regards on this #SteamTuesday on Twitter.

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