Photos in the Archives

Yesterday one of the boffins from upstairs ventured down into the Archives and said that Doctor Sound was insisting we all pose for new photographs. I am sure my Mum back home in New Zealand would like one–but if look all stuffy she won’t recognize me, or worse imagine that I have changed after being in London for so long. (I always do manage to sneak her one into the mail, just she knows I am still alive)

Wellington too looked alittle miffed to be captured, as for some reason he appears to be shy of the camera. I wonder if there is one more thing that the Archivist isn’t telling me…

Well, regardless I insisted that I was not going to have my photograph taken without some of more favourite devices. The poor photographer looked rather flummoxed and just a little red about the ears when I showed him my best pose. Unfortunately Doctor Sound won’t let me see it yet, but  am sure it looks quite wonderful.

As soon as I have got my hands on a copy I will share it with you, but at the moment it is still has ‘Classified’ stamped on it. Never mind, it did rather perk up my day in the dreary Archives.

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