S4: Steampunk Saturday at Shaharazade’s in Shepherdstown

s4_streetOur journalists are hosting a steampunk tea in charming Shepherdstown, WV, and they’d love you to attend!

Tiffany Trent, author of the Unnaturalists, and a Ministry Initiative contributer will be joining Tee and Pip at Shaharazade’s Restaurant & Tea Room, 141 W German St, Shepherdstown, WV.

Here are the details…

The Teahouse: With over 60 varieties of tea from around the world to choose from, Shaharazade’s Restaurant & Tea Room is fairly confident that: Any time is teatime.

The Authors: The authors of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, as well as Tiffany Trent author of the Unnaturalists and the Tinker King will be in attendence.Teashop interior

What you get: Purchase of a ticket guarantees you a seat, and a two-cup pot of fine tea as well as a sweet milk or cranberry scone served with devonshire cream, lemoncurd, and raspberry preserve.

The Goings-On: The authors will be reading from their latest novels and answering questions about their work (though no SPOILERS will be provided). The Four Seasons bookstore will be at the teahouse selling books, and there will be exclusive giveaways and prizes during the event.

Post-Tea: Those interested can promenade from Trinity Episcopal Church, W German St, Shepherdstown, WV 25443, down to the historic railway station. There are plenty of beautiful locations to show off your steampunk best in Shepherdstown and we have arranged for a Bruce Press Photography to take shots of the event and the promenade.

We do hope those of you in the Washington DC Metro area will join us for this event! Seating is strictly limited, so don’t dilly dally!

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