Sekrit Agent Kittehs One

It’s all hands to the pump here at the Ministry. Everything we have is pouring into the Ministry Initiative, so we can bring some amazing new stories and a roleplaying game into the world.

So, we’ve had to cut back on some things like the budget for new recruits. You may not know this about the Ministry, but we are rife with cats. Mr Books from the Archives has one at home, Archimedes I believe his name is. Miss Shillingworth has it turns out quite a few.

So time to see if they can be put to work. Now, naturally work is not the expected environment for our feline friends, however there are a couple that seem to have an aptitude for spycraft. We’re putting them through their paces in the next few weeks, and we reckoned on sharing their progress.

This fine young chap is Sebastian. A good solid British name…but apparently he is actually from Siberia. Still, needs must.

We’ll keep you informed on the cat training programme here at the Ministry as it progresses. For now, please share Sebastian’s progress on your social media channels. It turns out that cats are remarkably vain…whoever knew that?!

Sekrit agent kitteh- One

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