Signed from the Ministry

Our journalists travel far and wide to many conventions, booksignings, and even the odd railway event.

Usually they are their own travelling shop, thanks to the aether magic that is the Square. However, the sad truth is that they cannot be in all places all the time, nor can those wanting a signed copy necessarily get to conventions.

After fielding a number of inquires about posting signed copies, our journalists discovered that the Square is now offering an aether marketplace, where any citizen of the United States can order said books.

So if you have a yearning for a signed copy, simply click on the Square shape and visit our small aether establishment.

Availability is of course based on what they currently have on their shelves, but that is updated on the site. Unfortunately it is not available for those outside the borders of the United States, however if you email Pip Ballantine in the instructions, suitable arrangements can be made.

The Square online

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