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These features as a way for the Ministry to highlight artists, musicians, writers, and makers of all variety. With so many talented individuals to choose from, we know it is a challenge to feature every clever creative worthy of note, but perhaps we might endeavour to introduce to you a new name in our community of steam and cog, or perhaps remind you of one artisan’s successful efforts to bring the past that never was to the here and now.
 In this week’s Æther Feature we take a look at Scale75 who are producing a range of steampunk miniatures.

Amelia SteamScale75 is a company based in Spain that designs and produces metal and resin miniatures to be assembled and painted by people all around the world. We have a big catalog of figures, paints an complements that can be seen at www.scale75.com, both historical and fantasy subjects. Our range Steam Wars of figures and dioramas in a 75mm scale has been a great success between painters, although some of them were a bit worried about the complexity, the size or asking us how to paint those little eyes or how to get some painting effects… and that’s why we decided to create a new range to allow people to learn to paint or to develop their skills to another level. We decided to create a new line of steampunk miniatures in a chibi style so the geometric volumes and bigger details are easier to paint, and the scale is 35mm, much easier to paint and handle. So to speak, the Smog Riders are simple figures with a “friendly” geometry that removes barriers for miniature lovers that are a bit “scared” of brushes. All this with an attractive aesthetics  so that later you can put them proudly in your display cabinet or show them to your friends. Check out our gallery here.

Dr. MorsiartyFor every miniature we include a prospect with a step-by-step painting guide, showing the painters how to paint the different parts of the miniature (leather, metallic parts, skin…), including which paints and techniques we use. Also, for those who want to level up their skills, we set up a blog at www.smogriders.com where we upload new painting guides to develop new techniques and to achieve some greater painting effects. People can join the blog and those lessons for free and ask whatever they want and we try to help them.

This new range has been well received by the painters community as they can achieve great results more easily than having to spend months with a bigger and more complex miniature. As said, they are specifically designed to practice painting skills but more experienced painters find them really attractive as they can get awesome results due to the great quality and level of details.

If you ever wanted to paint a miniature but you were afraid, we believe this new line is the best option to get you started so we invite you to join our blog or our Facebook community

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