Tales from the Archives, Volume IV — Two


The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has many forgotten stories in its Archives. Stories of madcap adventures in all corners of the Empire, dark doings in hidden places, and mysterious devices and artifacts that the everyday citizen should never become aware of for fear it would quite undo their minds.

In this episode:

The Mummy of Barnsley — written by Michael A. Ventrella

Northern England, 1894

Agent Ernest Throckmorton is called to Barnesley to investigate reports of a Mummy terrifying the town. Throckmorton soon finds himself thrown together with an all too eager assistant desperate to be part of the Ministry, as they hunt down the meaning of the Mummy’s ominous threat. All shall pay for the desecration of the tomb!

About the Author: 

Michael A. Ventrella’s fantasy novels Arch Enemies and the Axes of Evil were released from Double Dragon Press to critical acclaim. His third novel Bloodsuckers: A Vampire Runs for President was released in 2014.

He is editor of A Bard in the Hand, A Bard’s Eye View, and A Bard’s Day’s Knight. His short stories have appeared in Rum and Runestones,  Cutlass and Musket, Twisted Tails VII,  Dreamers in Hell, and Dance Like a Monkey.

He leads the Pocono Writer’s Group, and at his website’s blog he interviews other authors, editors, agents and publishers.  In his spare time, he is a lawyer.

Theme music for the Ministry composed and created by Alex White.

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