Talleyho! Steampunk in New Zealand!

Recently I have returned to Godzone country, but unfortunately undercover. (A little misunderstanding that involved dynamite, suffragists, and a certain petition). I am fairly sure Dick Seddon is not familiar with the ethersphere, so this communication will remain between just you and I.

It was most heartening however to discover that steampunk is alive and well in even this far flung corner of the Empire. In the beautiful city of Oamaru resides the League of Victorian Imaginers.

They have just had their inaugural ball, and the fashions on show were truly amazing. I was almost tempted to slip on my plures ornamentum and join the fun. But then unhappily I remembered King Dick’s injunction ‘never to come back on pain of death’. Such a bother.

Never the less I will attempt to make contact covertly with this fine individuals. If you are lucky enough to reside within the bounds of New Zealand, you can watch their appearance on the local ether. If not, then take your chances here.

3 Replies to “Talleyho! Steampunk in New Zealand!”

  1. My Dear,

    How fabulous it was to hear you extol the joys of Steampunk in New Zealand. Thank you for raising the flag for us. There is so much going on. We currently have our 3rd exhbition running in Oamaru, there is the Steampunk HQ opening this weekend, and we are preparing for a schools poetry competition in the new year and a Steampuuk Festival over Queen’s Birthday, 1st weekend of June.

    Agent Darling has been tripping back and forth between dimensions in an attempt to outwit alien surveillance and we shall both be at the Aether Con in Auckland 1st weekend of Feb. 2012.

    Shall we see you there?

    With greatest regard

    Lady Helen Steampunk
    La Falconesse
    League of Victorian Imagineers

  2. Unfortunately Ministry business (and one of our journalists is still working through the vagaries of American immigration) will keep us away from these events- at least this year. We are hoping to take a little jaunt to Oamaru later in the year…perhaps in October or Novemeber 2012. We have a friends nuptials to attend. But please do keep the home fires burning!

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