The Bay and the Ministry

It has been just under two weeks since Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel was released.

Everyone in the office has been on full alert with signings, podcasts, blogging and appearances all coming at us like rockets from a fifty-foot tall automaton.

However when this message came thundering through the pneumatic tubes, we all paused to take stock.

Phoenix Rising was the top selling massmarket novel at Borderlands Books in April. Yes. April. The book had been out for a whole 4 days, and yet reached the top.

Personally, I am going to pop some champagne to mark the event. I understand Wellington is off to catalogue something. (To each their own, I suppose…)

For all those that bought the book from this great Independent bookstore, you have our enduring thanks.

The fight for attention however continues. So please assist the Ministry by getting the word out there; blog, podcast, tell a friend, or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Every little bit helps, and the covert nature of the Ministry doesn’t mean we want to be ignored.

Now off to pop a bottle of something bubbly!

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