The Ghost Rebellion arrives…nearly…

So as of this Monday, our backers got the ebook edition of The Ghost Rebellion. The delivery of a new book is always nerve-wracking, but our journalists were too busy to contemplate it over much.


Hundreds of books have descended on them, turning their house into—however briefly—a warehouse.  However we must investigate because it is entirely possible that it is criminal for a book to look this lovely.

Boxes of TGR

Now all they have to do is warm up their signing hand, pack them up, and send them off. This is the largest part of the Kickstarter shipments, however there will be others. Shortly after this the add-on rewards will be sent out. Then in December that scandalous fiction, Countless Hues of Crimson will be delivered. Finally, next May, Operation: Endgame, the sixth book of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.

However, fear not, in September—though not part of the Kickstarter—The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh, the first book of the Ministry Seven will be available. The cover art will be revealed once the dust settles from the Ghost Rebellion.

Now back to crack the whip on those journalists of ours.

3 Replies to “The Ghost Rebellion arrives…nearly…”

  1. OH NO! I just finished reading book 4, and was all excited order book 5 via amazon…and I can’t. How do I get my hands on a copy? Had no idea re the Kickstarter until about 15 seconds ago… 🙁 HELP!

  2. Have no fear. Next Friday you will find it practically everywhere.
    If you want to keep up to date with all the Ministry goings on, then you might want to sign up for our monthly email Dispatch

  3. Oh thank heavens. It’s summer break — I need my Eliza fix!!!
    Thanks so much, and I am now on the mailing list!

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